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By Ashok Devanampriya


The strong Zones of Stocks Consolidation are places where stock accumulate generally as per mass psychology.

30 May 17:00


By Ashok Devanampriya

Precision Price Action Trading

Price is the only truth in the stock market. Every indicator is a derivative of the price. Hence price action trading is one of the most precise and accurate trading methods adopted by traders worldwide. Institutions never see charts to take positions. They create the charts. Retailers follow those charts. However, price leaves lot of traces during its journey. If you can understand those critical levels, you can have precise entry and exits. We do not believe in indicators. Most of the moving average / RSI based strategies don’t work. We can prove it wrong with a simple program which can do a quick 1000 trades trial backtest. They only work in trending markets and fail miserably in sideways markets. Our aim with this training is to achieve 50% win rate with a Risk-reward ratio of 1:2. Our price action techniques are designed from the expert price action systems developed by Al Brooks, Bob Volman and other market veterans.

31 May - 20 Jun, 2020

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Ananth is a market analyst using Technical Analysis for trend identification and was gainfully employed with some leading broking firms

Abhishek Daharia

Price Action Trader,

Mr. Abhishek Daharia is a Price action Trader. Trader employing Price Action, Consumer Psychology Theory with Market Structures and Compounding strategies for Intraday Trading.

Harish Kumar

Chartered Accountant (Twitter Handle: @harrie007),

Mr. Harish Kumar trades using the Demand Supply concept along with Bollinger Bands with a purpose of generating better returns and long term growth in Indian equity markets.

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