Using Lines ,Trend lines (rays),Trend Channels and RSI

May 19, 2021 20:00


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Using Lines ,Trend lines (rays),Trend Channels and RSI

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Using Lines ,Trend lines (rays),Trend Channels and RSI


n this presentation which you will find how simple geometrical tools which used on the chart can become so unbelievably powerful. This is my secret tool which I acquired over a time of observation and which I use to mark my fear so that I can get right entry points. This presentation is more on practical demonstration of how to use a charting platform in which trading view is used as an example, though the method can be used on other charting platform based on the availability of the tools. Also the presentation emphasises how powerful RSI can become if you use it with proper level marking. This is a method which can empower a retail trader to a level which can help them become independent traders provided they put in their share of efforts and show interest in building  their observation.5 lines description about you:A Mechanical Engineer by profession, Mr Mahendra is a new entrant in stock market and a  strong believer that this is a field where a strong and effective learning only can lead you to an earning path. His expertise in analysis of mechanical components is what gives him some base which he uses partially to crack the mysteries in stock market. In his journey of stock market, he has put in immense time and efforts to learn various aspects related to trading, be it the indicators, technical analysis, derivative data, delivery data and considers that this field has so much to offer that a lifetime also falls short if one has an intention to learn from the market. He usually has a habit to share his learning with his known friends in market and in the social groups he is associated with. He likes to maintain a low profile which gives him more time to concentrate on his learning.

Mahendra C V

Professional retail Trader and Investor,