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SUPER 25 2.0


SUPER25 is one of the largest retail trader’s online conferences ever conducted in India. It is designed to assemble some of the best speakers in the trading community


SUPER25 is one of the largest retail trader’s online conferences ever conducted in India. It is designed to assemble some of the best speakers in the trading community in order to share deeper trading knowledge to the retail trader’s community.



Learn from India’s best speakers



With Creative strategies, concepts and ideas



Most economical, diversified event ever planned



No Travel, boarding and lodging expenses



Participation from traders across the world



Access to Recordings for Lifetime



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  • 25 speakers across India
  • 25 creative ideas & concepts
  • 25 days of Learning
  • Practical strategies
  • Access to recordings
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  • Market Knowledge across topics
  • Solid content
  • Good speakers
  • Topics across various themes of trading
  • Zero sales pitch or promotions
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  • No holy grail systems
  • No secrets formulas
  • No Ponzi schemes
  • No Quick rich models
  • No money doubling strategies

Online sessions. 25 Speakers. Learn from India’s best speakers


May 07 - May 07 2021. Attend event daily from 08:00 PM – 10:00 PM


499 available seats. Hurry up! Few tickets are still left before it gets full


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SUPER 25 2.0

07 May 2021 20:00 - 31 May, 2021 22:00

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07 May TO 31 May


Intra/Positional Trading Strategy coupled with Fibo

Swapnaja Sharma

Date :
07-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

"Intraday / Positional Trading Strategy

Using Fibonacci Levels

With proper Risk Management

Applicable for all markets including Commodity, Currency Cash & Equity derivatives"

The Hidden secret of RSI, Time Cycles & Intraday Timing

Ananth Acharya

Date :
08-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

In this presentation, You will see, 1. My way of shifting RSI to discover Trend Direction and Trend Change. 2. Intraday Time Cycles and 3. Combining Intraday Time Cycles with RSI to develop a precise efficient Intraday Trading System. This presentation will also reveal, why combining Time cycles with indicators, will remove all ambiguity of lagging indicators and give you that edge to be among the top 5% of super successful traders. Special emphasis on trading Nifty with 100s of Examples.

How to do swing trade using CANSLIM Techno-Funda System

Vishal Mehta

Date :
09-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

"1. Finding the right stocks with story 

2. How to evaluate Fundamentals 

3. We will evaluate Technical Patterns for the swing trading 

4. Sizing the market and looking for right opportunity" "1. Finding the right stocks with story 

2. How to evaluate Fundamentals 

3. We will evaluate Technical Patterns for the swing trading 

4. Sizing the market and looking for right opportunity"

Creating Wealth with Sector Rotation (Ratio Charts)

Brijesh Bhatia

Date :
10-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

"Creating Wealth in Financial Markets is not as easy as it is just Buying a stock and holding it for years.

You need to buy right stock at right time and exiting at right time is equally important. Well you can't time it to perfection but make sure that you are riding the horse which has powerful legs to run for you.

To find the perfect sector and analyze who will outperform the best in coming years, I am using the simple technique called ""Ratio Charts"".

Ratio Charts is simple tool to analyze an opportunity of investments and exiting from the probable underperformer.

You might be wondering do I have time to do all such analysis and Can I do it?

Answer is YES, You Can!!!

I will explain you the simple process on how to analyze and you need not analyze it on daily basis, just once a week or month as per your convenient."

Dinesh's H.I.T (Harmonics+Ichimoku Trading) System

Dinesh Nagpal

Date :
11-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

Applying the Japanese study of Ichimoku for trend identification along with momentum & the Fibonacci derived study of Harmonic Trading Patterns for early and easy to the eye reversal set ups in multiple time frames across all assets - equities, commodities, currencies, bullion & bonds

Intraday Trading using VWAP and RSI (On index and index options)

Varun Danturthy

Date :
12-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

"In this presentation you will learn how intraday traders can make use of the VWAP indicator and can combine it with RSI (relative strength Index) to get some very good, risk defined, trading opportunities. 

One will learn about a less used candle stick pattern which can improve the initiation of the trade and the over all performance of the trade as the risk is minimized when that pattern occurs.

One will learn about pyramiding and money management in detail."

Instutional Order Flow with Price Action, Demand/Supply.

Sumanth Kumar

Date :
13-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

We will learn the outline on how institutions initiate order flows. Trading without confirmations can be more riskier. We will look at how a confirmation entry can be taken using Price Action Trading's simple supply demand principles. This strategy can give over 60% success rate in markets.

Detect big positions created ahead of a new series by using open interest

Rajesh Sriwastava

Date :
14-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

In today's world, data is the new oil. Even in markets, most of the times, data formation always precedes action. As an example, before every start of the trading month, there are positions being created for the next month, which drives the stock prices. If we can decipher the positions well in advance using data analysis, we can create positions and ride with the rally with an accuracy being close to 90%+....

Swing Trading Strategy with Bollinger Bands

Amit Seth

Date :
15-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

1. Setup would find Low Risk High reward Entry Zones
2. Would focus on Entry, Exit and Risk Management
3. Strategy would also cover BB squeeze and Trading explosive fake heads

Unique Positional Trading Techniques By Using Techo-Funda Analysis blended with trading psychology

Parveen Kumar

Date :
16-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

"Objective of the webinar 

1. To help the participants in learning positional / swing trading tools & techniques by using some simple yet important technical indicators. 

2.To make them able to generate good returns from positional trading

Momo Investing - Factor Level Spicy by QCalpha

Prasant Mullick

Date :
17-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

Momentum as a factor that contributes to portfolio returns is the most enigmatic of all the factors. We will discuss how to build a portfolio of stocks to extract this momentum factor from a universe of giant/large/mid cap liquid stocks in the NSE universe.
The reference of our QCAlpha QC20 portfolio will be used to show how this portfolio is built and maintained.

Trading Price momentum using Relative Price Strength (RPS) in various Time frames

Harish Kumar

Date :
18-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

Relative price strength (RPS) also known as Relative Strength is an indicator of price momentum.
By using RPS, a trader/Investor measures the trend of prices of financial assets compared to another instrument/Industry/Sector or in other words, the price momentum of the financial instrument.
By using RPS, one can determine the performance of a stock as compared to other instrument leading to a prudent and wise decision making while buying/selling a stock.
RPS can be used in any time frame i.e. it can be used by long term investors to Intra-day trader as well.

Using Lines ,Trend lines (rays),Trend Channels and RSI

Mahendra C V

Date :
19-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

n this presentation which you will find how simple geometrical tools which used on the chart can become so unbelievably powerful. This is my secret tool which I acquired over a time of observation and which I use to mark my fear so that I can get right entry points. This presentation is more on practical demonstration of how to use a charting platform in which trading view is used as an example, though the method can be used on other charting platform based on the availability of the tools. Also the presentation emphasises how powerful RSI can become if you use it with proper level marking. This is a method which can empower a retail trader to a level which can help them become independent traders provided they put in their share of efforts and show interest in building  their observation.5 lines description about you:A Mechanical Engineer by profession, Mr Mahendra is a new entrant in stock market and a  strong believer that this is a field where a strong and effective learning only can lead you to an earning path. His expertise in analysis of mechanical components is what gives him some base which he uses partially to crack the mysteries in stock market. In his journey of stock market, he has put in immense time and efforts to learn various aspects related to trading, be it the indicators, technical analysis, derivative data, delivery data and considers that this field has so much to offer that a lifetime also falls short if one has an intention to learn from the market. He usually has a habit to share his learning with his known friends in market and in the social groups he is associated with. He likes to maintain a low profile which gives him more time to concentrate on his learning.

Intraday Strategy on Stock Futures

Ankit Chaudhary

Date :
20-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

Intraday Strategy on Stock Futures

Exit 2 Survive

NS Fidai

Date :
21-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

Learn how to use TA to exit BAD bets. Stocks like Yes Bank, RCom, RPower, PCJ & many more can burn a big hole in your profits & portfolio.
The longer you survive more chances you give yourself to make it big... which is why you need to remember #NoCapitalNoCapitalMarkets

Take advantage of Historical Ranges to trade Short Straddles.

Thoviti Brahmachary

Date :
22-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

The short straddles have become an order of the day because of their suitability. It is categorised as a limited return, unlimited risk, but, in a genuine sense, there is no relevance to the risk. The risk is very minimal for anyone who understands the calculation of the risk-reward ratio and the breakeven levels. The weekly option has the advantage of Theta (time value) erosion. By taking this as an advantage and using the high premiums as tools to build the straddle. At the beginning of the week, At The Money (ATM) Call and Put premiums together, ranging from Rs.1100 to 1400 and above some cases. This means you are profitable; even if the Banknifty moves 1100 -1400 points on either side, you are fortunate. Historically, over 70 per cent of the time on a weekly basis, the Banknifty moves less than a thousand points. If you understand this historical range, Use this historical fact as an advantage and apply short straddles for profitable trading.

Customised Option Strategies for sustainable profits

Joy Mukherjee

Date :
23-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

Learn how to apply Customised Option Strategies in Nifty and Banknifty Positional Options Trading with higher Probability of Profit.

RK's Straddle Stories

E Rama Krishna

Date :
24-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00


I will focus on options selling mainly Straddle ( selling at the money call and put options simultaneously) both in index and stock options. Topics covered will be, how to take advantage of theta decay and IV crush.  How to back test the data ? Impotance of Trading psychology.

Currently focused on intraday short straddles and futures trading in bank nifty.

"Trading confluences - A price action based index trading approach "

Raju Angadi

Date :
25-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

A tweaked approach to identify key confluence zones. The method to
establish your price points for trade setups in Index trading by identification
of supply and demand zones with the application of multiple

Ultra Powerful Trading Strategy with RSI & ML concepts

Ameeth Vorra

Date :
26-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

1) Identifying the primary TREND & trading in the direction of it.
2) Where to keep STOP-LOSS & How to TRAIL it?
3) How to trade in Gap up and Gap down day?
4) Will be discussing the complete concept of ML

Empower your trade with Volatility Dynamics

Gunjan Dua

Date :
27-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

Volatility is an instrument of truth. Volatility as a concept is widely misunderstood. Volatility is not fear. Volatility is not the VIX index. Volatility is not a statistic or a standard deviation or a number derived by an abstract formula.

In this webinar we will try to unravel what volatility is, how it should be looked at and what tools are required for trading assets through volatility. We will also look at various ways through which volatility can be used for trading.

Short Strangle Twist strategy with Bank Nifty

Sujith S Nadig

Date :
28-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

Trading in Banknifty for few Is a nightmare but for few its like icing on the cake. 95% of traders lose money but 5% of people make money out of it! By using good strategies with risk  management you can earn Consistently on a weekly basis! Learn how to generate returns with a twist in short strangle in Banknifty with well defined risk management system!

Algo Trading - the future of speculation

Ashok Devanampriya

Date :
29-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

The Art of Trading Price box & Follow-through

Prashant Shah

Date :
30-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

1. What is price box - traditonal & invention
2. Follow-through
3. Objective trading
4. Different timeframes & instruments
5. Applicable on different charting method

The Art of taking big targets in trading & investing

Ashok Devanampriya

Date :
31-May-2021 ,
Time : 20:00

Many people focus on 1:2 to 1:3 targets.
there are some high probable models in price action where you can achieve upto 1:10 targets.
We will discuss the scenarios where your target can be very high compared to your risk.
this session is purely about targets.

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What is super 25 2.0?
SUPER25 2.0 is one of the largest retail trader’s online conferences ever conducted in India. It is designed to assemble some of the best speakers in the trading community in order to share deeper trading knowledge to the retail trader’s community. Super25 2.0 is an exclusive annual event of the Traders Gurukul family.

What is the price of Super25 2.0?
The super 25 2.0 Event price is 5000rs. Early bird fees, for first 100 members, after a 50% discount is Rs.3000/-

How to join the live event?
All paid participants will get Goto webinar joining link by Email..

What will I get out of Super25 2.0?
Meaning of Life. Kidding! You will get to listen to 25 awesome speakers sitting at the comfort of your home. We will also provide access to recordings post the event

What if I miss a webinar?
Do not worry. You will get access to recordings from your trainer

What if I cancel?
You can cancel and request for a refund before the sessions begin. However, Refund will not be entertained after the sessions start

Where will I get more details about the trainer?
you can get detailed information from the speaker pages in our website

How do I attend the live sessions?
all the information will be shared to your registered email id well in advance with all the steps to attend the webinar

Can I write review for the trainings?
YES. All paid students can write reviews about their classes in their student dashboard

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YES. You can refer your friends to all the traders gurukul programs. Just send your personal referral link to your friends for 20% revenue share.


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