Intraday Option selling Strategy for Bank Nifty weekly Options

May 19, 2020 20:00


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Intraday Option selling Strategy for Bank Nifty weekly Options

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A simple and effective Intraday trading strategy for Bank Nifty options will be covered. This strategy doesn't require frequent monitoring, so alerts are not required. The system will generate which strike to short, at what price to short, what should be the stop loss all in just few mins after market opens; you can simply place the order and continue your work. A data driven Intraday Trading Strategy which focuses only on Expiry day trading for Bank Nifty weekly options. When not to trade is as important as when to trade, so we came up with a switch on/off parameter for options trading that tells you when not to do Options Selling. This has helped in reducing the draw down considerably. Just one trade every Expiry. No need to sit in front of the system throughout the day. Options Selling with defined risk, no worries about volatile movements. System has been tested on extremely volatile periods like Demonetization, Brexit, Surgical Strike days, Budget day, and even on the recent market correction days. With our, switch on/off parameter, we are able to avoid losses during high volatile periods. And this strategy is purely based on price levels without using Options Greeks, so if you are not aware of option terminology like Delta, Gamma, Theta. Do not worry, theoretical knowledge is not required to trade this strategy. And its going to take less than 10 mins of your time every Thursday to Trade this Strategy. This is going to be a limit based execution, so only when our given price is met, the order will be executed, or else no trade for the day. This is one of the consistent and robust strategy, people with even lesser capital also can trade this strategy. The best part is, one can pledge their holdings in the broking account and use that as margin to trade this system and without bringing in additional money. Historical performance of this system :

Kirubakaran Rajendran

Founder, SquareOff