TrueData - Velocity Lite (Cash or F&O)

₹ 1270


5 Symbols Supported

Product Description

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Velocity LITE

Access to Fast, Real-Time, Reliable Data
Simultaneous Continuous & Contract Futs
Streaming Realtime Quotes Screen        Yes
Open Interest As An Indicator
Default Tick Data History
Current Day Only
1 Min History
 1.5 Months
5 Min History
 2 Months
15 Min History
 3 Months
Hourly History
 5 Months
Adjusted EOD (Daily) History
 5 Years

Import & Export Data      Yes
Symbol Count (with EQ or FnO)
 5 (Indices Included)
Symbol Count (with EQ & FnO)
 10 (Indices Included)
Third Party Software Compability
Run Multiple TA Apps At The Same Time
Run Multiple Instances Of Your TA Apps
Excel Support
Updata Application Support
MotiveWave Application Support         No

Total (Incl Free Complimentary)
  1 PC only              
Free Remote Assistance    Unlimited
Support Channels
Loyalty Benefits
Daily IEOD via E Mail (1 Min & EOD)      No
Recommended Internet Speed
     512 Kbps
Recommended System RAM      4 GB

Owner Description

Why TrueDataTM ?

True Data TM products and services equip you with a increasing number of tools for decision making and trading - All at very affordable price !

  • Connects to an Increasing number of Markets
  • Very Low latency feeds via Direct Exchange Connectivity
  • Use the Same Login id on Multiple Machines(One at a Time)
  • Run Multiple TA applications at the same time
  • Work With All Time Frames Including Tick

Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer :

All the support activities will be done by TRUEDATA only.

*20% special discount for our customers*


Payments can be done through all kind of card from our payment gateway system. You can also send bank transfers to our bank accounts

3, 6, 9, 12 months EMI options are available for all credit card holders.

Post payment, our Team shall add you to the course community for further steps

No. Traders gurukul is an authorized reseller of DataFeeds from authorized data vendors. Our data vendor will take care of the complete infrastructure

No. The complete support will be given by the data vendor only as per our agreements with them.

YES. Our data feed contact person will help you with the renewals.

YES. There are bigger discounts for annual purchases. Speak to our Data feed contact.

YES. All paid users can write reviews about their purchased products