Rajat Dutta

Director, Multiplier

As an awkward teenager in the early 90s, I often accompanied my stockbroker father to his office, where the star attraction for me was his then shiny, now prehistoric, 286 Desktop Computer. Little did I know then, those sessions were going to shape my career and to a large extent, my life. It was more than mere chance that I ‘found’ trading; it was more of a subconscious initiation.
Made my first million at the age of 19 in just seven months only to lose it all in 7 days. “Highway to hell but staircase to heaven, eh?! I learnt a valuable lesson very early in my career; it’s not just about getting rich but it’s mostly about staying rich. I took this incident to be my vantage point and began my humble journey to scale the insurmountable Everest of knowledge. It has been a long road since then, great fortune to be able to write such rule in the world of stocks & trades.