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Ashok Devanampriya

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 1. THE ART OF EQUITY INVESTING - 2 Days Investing is the test cricket match of the stock market world. Investing is not a race where speed matters; it is a marathon where stamina matters. It is an art of picking the best in class companies fuelled by Cautilya Capital super 15 rules. We follow some of the best practices preached by the world’s top investors and have done extensive validation on the past data through our simulation models and programming skills.

You will become a good stock picker yourself without any support independently after this course. That’s a challenge we take. The whole course has been completely simplified without much of financial jargons. Your high schools maths is good enough to learn this art.

We will also empower you with some ready to use screeners which will help you to scan the companies with ease.

We will teach the below different subsets of the investing world. They are all like different ice cream flavours. Finally the base is a vanilla investment model with additional rules to get the relevant firms based on your investment preference. 

1. Techno Fundamental Investing The art of picking the best in class fundamental stocks and buying at a “low risk, better return” price using pure mathematical rules. 

2.Seasonality Investing The nature follows the 4 climatic cycles. Markets also follow cycles. There are stocks which behave differently in different seasons. Finally it’s all about seasons and mathematics. Let’s pick the best stocks for each season based on pure mathematics.

3. Value Investing Apply the Benjamin graham mathematical rules to buy stocks at a lower price with a clear margin of safety which was extensively followed by Warren Buffet. This is all about buy low and sell high.

4.Growth Investing This investment method is based on growth. We don’t worry too much about the high price. We will look for firms which are on a solid growth pattern with superior earnings. This is all about buy high and sell higher.

5. Turn around companies hunting Good firms become bad. Bad firms may improve and start performing better. We will look for completely beaten down stocks which shows promise of a good future. We may pick them at low prices which will grow our portfolio.

6. CANSLIM Investing The concept pioneered by the world famous investor William O Neil. It has proven to be one of the most consistent models which outperform the index by a significant extent. 

7. The super small caps hunting The art of finding those small companies which can grow at a faster rate than many of the mid / large cap firms. These are high risk and high return picks. Only for those who are ready to take more risk.

8.Multibaggers Investing There is nothing like Multibaggers investing in this world. It is silly and meaningless and just a marketing stunt. The professional investors are those who look for best in class companies based on clear mathematical rules and strong financial statements. A few of those good firms may turn out to be multibaggers. If someone already knows the future multibaggers, why don’t they sell their house and buy them? They can buy 2 houses after 2 years 
The complete session is based on some of the best books ever written in investing history and not limiting to the 5 books mentioned below. We have simplified the whole program into a power packed session.

what payment options are available?
Payments can be done through all kind of card from our payment gateway system. You can also send bank transfers to our bank accounts

3, 6, 9, 12 months EMI options are available for all credit card holders.

what is the next step post payment?
Post payment, our Team shall add you to the course community for further steps.

will the session be interactive?
YES. Most of the session shall be interactive through modes of Chat & Voice

What if I miss a webinar?
Do not worry. You will get access to recordings from your trainer

What if I cancel?
You can cancel and request for a refund before the sessions begin. However, Refund will not be entertained after the sessions start

Where will I get more details about the trainer?
you can get detailed information from the speaker pages in our website

How do I attend the live sessions?
all the information will be shared to your registered email id well in advance with all the steps to attend the webinar

Can I write review for the trainings?
YES. All paid students can write reviews about their classes in their student dashboard

Can I refer my friends to the programs?
YES. You can refer your friends to all the traders gurukul programs. Just send your personal referral link to your friends for 20% revenue share.